Medicare-for-All — Now or Never

This must-see video will explain in clear language and intuitive graphics the inner workings of the Medicare algorithm that determines payment for all covered medical services.

Understanding it will help make you an informed consumer of healthcare services, and most importantly help you grasp the political arguments swirling both TV and radio ads on Medicare-for-All. 

Confusing Parts of Medicare Formula

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The book often described as the “Bible” on Value=Based Outcomes in Healthcare. A must read for those seeking quality in medical care – not just lower pricing.

The Porter, Teisberg book provides the logical alternative to reducing cost in healthcare by focusing on quality delivery of medical care. It stresses the importance of doctors competing on quality delivery rather than achieving the lowest price for procedures. I highly recommend this book.

Market Driven Healthcare written by a highly respected thinker in healthcare policy introduced the concept of standardization in medical care in order to achieve lower costs. Dr. Herzlinger presents ideas which have garnered some expert’s criticism, yet her fundamental policies illuminate a host of ideas that can positively improve healthcare delivery in the U.S. A definite must read.

A Practical Hands On Book with Clear examples to Help One Understand How to Make a Good Choice in Medicare Plans

The AARP guide book on Medicare for Dummies provides clear examples, and fosters understanding on how the Medicare system operates. In my opinion, this guide book provides amazingly clear descriptions in fostering the best choices for people preparing to enter the Medicare system or to choose a new plan.

A Small but Practical Necessity

Whenever healthcare services are required, you will be asked to produce three basic cards: Your ID, Your Medicare Card, as well as Your Supplemental insurance care or Prescription Card. Having these vital cards securely stored together with easy access is a critical need. This inexpensive product fulfills that need. Highly recommended.

New York Times Best Seller!

This book authored by Bernie Sanders discusses the political landscape for the 2020 election. In particular the rationale and payment for Medicare-for-All. A must read for those interested in the thinking of the long-time advocate for a better healthcare system with universal coverage for all.

Ralph Nader’s Viewpoints

To the Ramparts is a complete review of the rise of American corporate power and its influence on the economy and the middle class. The impact on healthcare shortages and the medical future by extension are also covered by this time honored author. An insightful read by an author who objectively points out the pros and cons of both sides of the political divide.

Medicare Drug Coverage the Missing Link

Another great book in the “Dummies” series that clarifies the missing link in the Medicare prescription drug “donuts hole.” The part D plans which are often overlooked when first applying for Medicare can trigger significant penalties and leave seniors with high out-of-pocket expenses. This is a must read for those first enrolling in Medicare and those considering future plan changes. With drug prices rising and many medicines taken out of coverage the need to prepare is wisely covered in this book.

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