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How My Med Tutor Pages are Organized:

Under the My Med Tutor Parent Page, a list will disclose various medical or dental topics with a brief summary of the information to be presented.

Each sub-page will contain a video presentation illustrating the anatomy and animated functional demos of specific organ dysfunction. Parts of some videos may contain surgical pictures of organ disease. If you believe graphic surgical pictures would be offensive, you should click away from My Med Tutor.

As more informational videos are produced, they will be added to this menu: Click on any video topic to view that specific page.

  • TMJ Dysfunction – This video will illustrate the normal function of the Temporomandibular Joint. As well as, common conditions that mimic TMJ pain dysfunction syndrome.
  • Medicare-for-All — Now or Never. (Part #1) This video is a must see tutorial on the hot-button topic of universal healthcare based on how Medicare governs payment for all medical services.
  • Medicare a Price Control Fix — (Part # 2) Another must see video explaining how price control lowers quality medical care, and access, and raises cost.