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New Medical Thriller Novel

Know Your Colors LLC is pleased to announce its expansion into new and innovative medical thriller novels. A soon to be released novel titled “Bent Oath” will debut on Amazon Kindle as an eBook and paper back. Beta reviews of this novel have been strong, and the novel’s release is anticipated for early March. For…

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Medicare-for-All — Now or Never

Medicare-for-All is becoming the most derisive factor in the next U.S. election cycle. My Med Tutor located within the Know Your Colors website contains a video blog that describes how Medicare pays for all healthcare services. The Medicare algorithm, formally known as RBRVS, stands for Resource-Based Relative Value Scale. Although used for over a decade,…

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How To Use the Know Your Colors App

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An easy way to fully appreciate the Know Your Colors health app is to first visit our product video shown under the About section titled An Overview of “Know Your Colors” click here.  Then when you click on the Product Demo Button located on the top bar of our website, you will be brought to…

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New Know Your Colors Web

Know Your Colors LLC is proud to announce a major update to its website. The new site features: The Product Demo Button… Importantly, this button illustrates how Know Your Colors transforms physical exam data and blood chemistry tests into an intuitive radar display. The radar highlights health progression over time. As a result, the display…

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