A Value Dashboard for Payers and Providers:

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Without objective measures for illness severity and complexity, the value for quality outcomes per dollar spent can't be confirmed.

The Quality dashboard below illustrates another application of "Know Your Colors" to Know Your Health.

The 4-Quadrant graph displays a patient group chosen by the user. The improvement or decline in the Illness Complexity Score versus average cost exposes a more objective view of value.

Compared to the current method of ascribing value rooted on billing claim data, "Know Your Colors" offers a more objective conclusion based on individual patient outcomes.

An Overview of "Know Your Colors"

Why are Medical Bills so High -- When Insurance Payment is a Fraction of the Bill?

  • Because since 1990 hospitals & doctors have agreed to accept a "risk based" payment system called "Capitation."

How Capitation Works:

  • Doctor groups and/or hospitals agree to care for a large patient group at a negotiated fee for all services.
  • But doctors & hospitals still submit patient bills for what they deem is the actual cost of their services.
  • The result is confusion that fosters poor relations among patients, providers and payers.

If Price is the focus -- How is Quality Measured?

Since bills are the main data source, payers match the treatment codes (CPT) to guidelines for an illness (ICD-10).
If a doctor uses more treatment than allowed, the doctor is labeled an outlier, and risks loss of membership in a network.

Know your colors llc
  • Using bills as a quality measure fails to recognize each patient's unique illness complexity.
  • A focus on bills impedes fair pay for quality outcomes.
  • Without a measure for illness levels and outcomes, payers can't judge quality of care per dollar spent on it.

Know Your Colors Provides a Unique Tool to Assist Patients, Doctors, Nurses and Payers.

  • "Know Your Colors" intuitively displays health changes over time.
  • It displays multiple organ illness to verify complexity that guides doctors and patients to better outcomes.
  • Precision medicine demands viewing people as individuals, not as averages requiring a one-treatment-fix.
  • Arming nurse managers with better tools to score illness and health progression amplifies a value-based outcome.
Know your colors llc
U.S. Patents covering IP: 8,219,414 and 8,645,166

Nurses are the Key to a Wellness Program

Achieving wellness in patients with chronic illness or cancer depends on nurse mangers empowered with tools that maximize their professional abilities.
"Know Your Colors" is focused on nurses and patients. Without this tool, nurses randomly call people for a generic health checkup. The assumption is all people with the same illness are alike.
"Know Your Colors" spotlights the difference between people due to illness complexity.

Know your colors llc

The two images above are from two people with the diagnosis of diabetes. Yet they differ markedly from each other. "Know Your Colors" highlights that difference and permits a more informed discussion between nurse and patient.


To improve efficiency for nurse managers, "Know Your Colors" can be formatted into health dashboards.

Dashboards display current health status. The left panel allows the nurse to send each patient a specific feed for their illness level. The right panel prompts the nurse to discuss life-style changes that foster healthy goals.
Some nurses may prefer for the left panel a display of recent payment codes that confirm if medical tests or prescriptions were filled.

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