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New Tutorial – My Med Tutor – TMJ Dysfunction

My Med Tutor has added its first illness condition – TMJ Dysfunction – to kick off our tutorial series.

TMJ dysfunction impacts an estimated 15% to 20% of the population. Yet its diagnosis is elusive. Because other illnesses or serious medical conditions can mimic the symptoms of mild forms of TMJ dysfunction.

Even more perplexing is the lack of understanding on how the jaw chewing cycle works. From the first suckling action of a new-born infant to the unfolding of the jaw into speech, singing and chewing, the complexity of jaw movement and harmonious muscle function is poorly understood by many.

When system dysfunction occurs, side effects such as headaches, jaw cramps, or jaw locking is likely. With so many over-the-counter treatment options, it’s little wonder that TMJ dysfunction rapidly becomes a chronic condition.

My Med Tutor provides a video that illustrates the normal anatomy and function of the jaw joint and its associated muscles. Other common medical conditions that masquerade as TMJ dysfunction are also presented. Customary treatment options are also presented. As well as, the role of other co-existing medical problems that add complexity to diagnosis and treatment.

The benefit of intuitively highlighting such illness complexity coordinates both the medical and dental professions. The Know Your Colors software system is shown in the video for a patient with diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Clearly this added complexity will skew treatment results in a patient with a so-called mild form of TMJ dysfunction. Click here to go directly to the TMJ Dysfunction video.

My Med Tutor is provided as an informational forum, free of charge. Its goal is to informed people with basic information that may improve discussion with their personal healthcare providers. As well as, to increase a person’s understanding of their personal body chemistry and function.

Please take the time to view My Med Tutor, and comment and subscribe to updates. For a short demo of Know Your Colors – Click here for more in depth information.

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