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Medicare-for-All — Now or Never

Medicare-for-All is becoming the most derisive factor in the next U.S. election cycle.

My Med Tutor located within the Know Your Colors website contains a video blog that describes how Medicare pays for all healthcare services. The Medicare algorithm, formally known as RBRVS, stands for Resource-Based Relative Value Scale.

Although used for over a decade, very few physicians understand it, and even fewer people who currently are ill, or soon will become patients grasp it. The algorithm is complex and contains many sub-components that significantly alter payment for medical services across the U.S.

The problem is citizens must decide whether the algorithm is simply a price control mechanism, or a pathway to better public health at lower cost.

Of greater interest are the many built-in add-ons that dramatically change payment, and which control covered services.

Despite its complexity, the algorithm is clearly illustrated in graphic displays highlighting both the pros and cons of its impact on healthcare. Your ten-minute time investment in viewing this video is worthwhile.

Since Medicare-for-All is currently a hot-button topic that motivates many members of congress on both sides of the political divide. It’s vital that more citizens understand the workings, impact and influence of this algorithm on their personal healthcare.

In order to intelligently discuss and vote on implementation of Medicare-for-All the immediate and future consequences of that decision should be based on knowledge of the algorithm’s workings and impact on future public health and U.S. economic growth.

So, please head over to My Med Tutor for the Part #1 episode on Medicare-for-All – Now or Never.

Not only will this video in clear language and graphics improve your subject knowledge, but a reference list of noteworthy books will provide for your greater in depth understanding.

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