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Know Your Colors LLC is proud to announce a major update to its website. The new site features: The Product Demo Button…

Importantly, this button illustrates how Know Your Colors transforms physical exam data and blood chemistry tests into an intuitive radar display.

The radar highlights health progression over time.

As a result, the display focuses attention on the most effective treatment choice.

The Illness Complexity Score…

The new website clarifies how patented algorithms predict treatment cost based on an Illness Complexity Score (ICS).

Relating Cost to Health Outcome

To clarify how cost relates to illness complexity is critical for fair reimbursement and objective provider evaluation. Our Value Dashboard for Payers and Providers illustrates this concept in a 4 quadrant graph. (Seen under header tab: About)

Because the Know Your Colors dashboard improves communication between people and quality managing nurses. As a result, both the nurse and patient are focused on an objective personalized health status display, which makes general screening questionnaires obsolete. 

Coming Soon…

The new Know Your Colors web site will soon introduce My Med Tutor. A web page for short video tutorials explaining in common language the anatomy, pathology and treatment of many medical and dental conditions. 

Our new web site also includes an easier way for viewers to link to podcasts and videos that discuss a range of healthcare topics. For example, universal healthcare, medical education, conflicts of interest, and current news that impacts healthcare cost and quality public health. 

Therefore, the new website facilitates how viewers learn of new products, medical trends, and issues in a one-stop location. So, please put us on your favorites list, contact us with any questions, suggestions, or comments, and I will do my best to answer you promptly.

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