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Know Your Colors Improves Healthcare Management by Its Transparent Website.

A review of several hundred websites on population health management reveals this:

  • Yes; there are hundreds of websites on healthcare management. With 19% of U.S. GDP spent on healthcare, money fuels competition.
  • But, never once did I find a healthcare management website with complete transparency on how their spectacular product works.
    • No demos to give the viewer a working model to click through.
    • No in-depth explanations on how their innovative product works.
    • No scientific data on exactly how their product helps healthcare management.
    • No issued U.S. patents to substantiate a unique one-of-a -kind product.
  • However, every site has a contact box promising a friendly no-obligation call from a technical specialist (A.K.A. Salesperson).
  • Must one go through hundreds of in-person demos to select a healthcare management tool?
  • Touting revolutionary ads for a new healthcare management tool without allowing viewers to see a full and immediate upfront demo of their product – seems disingenuous.
  • On the other hand, Know Your Colors LLC believes an informed consumer deserves the best healthcare information without a run-around.
  • Know Your Colors LLC believes in an upfront “kick the tires” view of our product. Plus, providing viewers with the science, philosophy, and two issued patents of our product.
  • That’s why you will find our website a one stop site for a product demo. Along with how real-world patient data is processed to provide a health risk assessment.
  • Know Your Colors is not a self-diagnostic tool, rather it organizes your personal medical test results, like blood test, physical findings, and other medical data to improve communication with your doctors and nurses. 
  • Nurses and you are the key to early diagnosis, better management of chronic illnesses like diabetes, kidney disease and cancer.
  • But both you and your healthcare management team need intuitive information that displays your illness risk, and your treatment progress.
  • Nurse can’t be shackled with generic scripted questionnaires. They need to grasp your personal health status based on objective laboratory test results.
  • That’s why Know Your Colors’ motto is: “An informed consumer is our healthiest customer.”

Visit our website, take a moment to look over how Know Your Colors provides healthcare management for chronic illnesses and cancer. Click here and here.

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