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How To Use the Know Your Colors App

An easy way to fully appreciate the Know Your Colors health app is to first visit our product video shown under the About section titled An Overview of “Know Your Colors” click here

Then when you click on the Product Demo Button located on the top bar of our website, you will be brought to the Know Your Colors Dashboard.

Across the top bar of the dashboard are various labels. The left most label is: Patient Selector.  Placing your cursor within the white box and left clicking will pull down a menu of various patients given fictional names.

The remaining top bar has filter selectors for specific date ranges. In this demo, those ranges need not be changed.

Moving your cursor down the pull-down menu of patient names, left click on any name to display that person’s medical test results on the radar chart in the dashboard. I would suggest selecting the first patient, Calrissian Lando, since he is a very ill patient with diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

The first radar image with data is his earliest test appointment.  Viewing that radar image reveals most test results are green wedges. However, placing your cursor within the gray bar below the radar image and left clicking to the right of the small black square, will display future test results.  Clicking on the left or right arrow tabs of the gray bar will display test results over time. 

The left column of the dashboard displays the Patient’s Details. Below that box, test results details can be illustrated. These details are seen by hovering your mouse cursor over any named test on the radar’s rim.

If available from the patient’s electronic health record, treatment details are displayed in the Treatment History box

In the dashboard’s right column, the ICS Values Over Time are displayed. To pull up those values, simply left click the button labeled: Display. Allow several seconds for the servers to complete the extensive mathematics that calculate the ICS or Illness Complexity Scores.

When the scores are displayed, it will show the all illness scores for that patient’s entire treatment history. The healthiest score will have a green tag, while the worst health score will be tagged red. Clicking on any ICS score will display on the central radar the test values for that date.

The box in the right bottom area labeled: Claims vs. ICS over time is intended primarily for the payer community, that is Insurance payers or managed care physician groups seeking data on billing data submitted for payment compared to the level of illness.  As well as payments made compared to health improvement obtained. 

Again, as stated in the Know Your Colors disclaimer (click here), the Know Your Colors app is not a self-diagnostic tool. The diagnosis and treatment for any illness or condition can only be performed by your personal licensed physician or dentist. The Know Your Colors app is only intended for use as an organizer of personal medical test results, which can assist both you and your doctor and personal nurse health manager to discuss your personal health data. The app can help you understand intuitively your medical history over time. But any decisions for treatment, diagnosis or healthcare services can only be made by consultation with your personal physician or dentist.

Finally, to leave the Product Demo display, left click the End button at the far right of the top bar. A display box will appear asking you to close your browser tab displaying this demo. You will then return to the Know Your Colors main page.

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