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"Know Your Colors-Know your health"

Know your colors llc

Know Your Colors is a patented system of software arrays designed to help people with chronic illness or cancer, to understand their medical test results.

Some medical outcomes, such as quality of life issues, are subjective. However, most of them, such as laboratory results and other biological measurements, are objective. The Know Your Colors system targets objective measures to evaluate the quality of medical care.

Precision medicine requires coherent medical test results, so that a person is motivated for treatment.

Using intuitive displays of health over time empowers both the patient and family to reach an ideal outcome.

Know Your Colors Provides:

  • Intuitive medical test results
  • Identifies quality treatments
  • Improves compliance with care
  • Lowers healthcare costs
  • Improves payer understanding for value-based outcomes, by levels of illness complexity
Know your colors llc